Software for professional service providers

by professional service providers.

Who we are

We are dedicated software developers who needed a single, cost-effective solution for managing multiple complex project-based customers. Our goal was to unify all of the different software applications we were using for time tracking, project management, and ticket support into a single, intuitive system. We now use Enterprise Hero daily to track our customers, projects, and time spent

Problem Solvers

We are always learning new ways to improve our products and streamline our processes. We listen to our customers and love to solve problems.

Dedicated Developers

We work day and night to build the best system possible. Our small team is dedicated to solving our clients problems as quickly as possible.

Always Growing

Continuous growth is important to our team members. Each and every member is constantly learning and contributes to our community.

Our History

Prior to 2019, we were using multiple software development tools such as Jira, Trello, Timecamp, and Freshdesk to provide custom software development services to multiple clients, small and large. We ended up spending several hundred dollars per month for the variety of software platforms we were using. The fees were different for each of those applications and training/onboarding new employees was cumbersome. After months of frustration, we decided to build a solution that would handle all of those core needs for us.

Development of Enterprise Hero started in late 2018 with the goal of replacing our current software tools. Our first MVP came in early 2019 where we received great feedback about how to improve our software. We took that feedback and continued to work on the user experience and feature set. As of November 2019 we are now beginning to roll out and begin marketing our V1.2 of Enterprise Hero. We hope you like it.